Tip Off

New York Knicks Tip Off at Madison Square Garden versus the Houston Rockets
Photo cred: Avi Gerver, Photographer for Madison Square Garden

Alrighty, let’s get down to business. Brand new blog, obviously no readers as of yet, but you have to start somewhere. The semester is over; so for me, it’s now or never.

I’m a huge fan of the NBA and dedicated to the NY Knicks. Believe it or not, I started following them during the infamous Larry Brown era. I knew the names on the roster sometime during the early 2000s because of my brother, who I can say with confidence is the team’s No. 1 fan (Spike Lee is famous, so he doesn’t count). Anywho, I wasn’t the type of little girl who would sit for two and a half hours in front of the TV watching men throwing the rusty orange ball into the hoop; I didn’t have that kind of an attention span. As I got older, I began checking standings, naturally leaning towards the NYK due to my familiarity with the team name…I was no front runner, obviously. With the little knowledge I had of the game during my personal rookie year, I thought the T-Wolves with their ~.500 record halfway through the 2005-2006 season was mind-bogglingly amazing.

But, I have grown since then. My knowledge has too, and so has my team. Though the Knicks’ run ended too early for me to be satisfied with the results this year, I will keep with them, as always. I’m planning to update this along the way, sharing my thoughts on the Knicks, and the NBA in general to capture my reactions to “where amazing happens.”

Out like the NYK in the first round,


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