I Dare You to Move

I feel a Game 3 coming on. Tonight at 8:30 PM et on TNT (they know drama), Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat. Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3, Series tied 1-1.

Let me dedicate this post to the Heat. I am not a fan, Miami. I’m really not. I’ll admit, I hated big time on the team down in FL; I did in the summer, and I did in the regular season. Heck, I hated on ’em last week. Every time the Heatles lost, I celebrated. But, they knocked out Boston, and I’m glad. Some new jerseys in the conference finals are looking good to me; it’s adding fire to the ever-so-common green and yellow I’m used to seeing this time of year.

LeBron James The Decision
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

I need to put aside my beef with LeBron, as do all others who felt stabbed by The Decision in July 2010. The man took his talents to South Beach; it’s done. I loved watching LeBron play while he was in the Cavs uniform, and I loved watching D-Wade when he was the face of the Heat. Match-ups like that would be on national television because all the stars would be on the same court at the same time. Now, they’re just sporting one team name on their chests, walking into the same huddle during a timeout.

It took a while for me, but now I’m finally moving past my Heat-hating days. Still not a fan, but I’m gonna allow myself to enjoy their play, because they can play. I’m more of an NBA fan than a Miami hater, so I’m gonna sit back and watch some basketball. My team’s already out, so I’m just watching to witness amazing.

All I want is for amazing to happen.



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