Gimme a Biscuit, ‘Cause that was the JAM!

Run It Back with Kyle Montgomery on Cartoon NetworkThis morning, I made myself an English muffin and turned on the TV. While flipping through channels, I noticed Cartoon Network (formerly the place for all cartoons all the time) was playing a show called Run It Back hosted by Kyle Montgomery. Doing a little research, I’ve learned that the show enhances the NBA game from Thursday on TNT with special effects, countdowns, and such. Apparently, I’m extremely late; it premiered in October. Oops. I watched about half of the program, because I was asleep during the first 30 minutes, and I have to say, it was pretty entertaining.

The episode I watched covered the Eastern Conference Finals and was the last episode, from what I could understand of Montgomery parting with his basketball that sported the show’s logo. This makes sense, because all that’s left of the NBA season are the Finals, which air on ABC.

Anywho, during a countdown, I think it must have been James with a slam, the show runs a little character on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen expressing his thoughts. One I’ve never heard before, “Gimme a biscuit, ’cause that was the jam!” I could not stop laughing. It was such a clever exclamation of posterization. Now I’m guaranteed to use that while watching the Finals.

Nice job, CN.



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