The Time is NOWitzki

Dallas Mavericks Fans
Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Clever title courtesy of a Dallas Mavericks fan at the American Airlines Center on June 8, 2011. Game 5. Series is now 3-2, Dallas.

I thought I wasn’t rooting for either side, but boy am I happy Dallas needs just one more win to seal the deal. I think it has something to do with my tendency to root for the underdog.

Not that the Mavs are a lesser team at all, but Miami is starstudded and was pretty confident for the past 11 months about winning it all, even before its players set foot on the same court at the same time.

Dirk’s hungry. He’s been hungry for the past five years. Remember the ’06-’07 season? It was the season following the Mavericks’ first appearance in the NBA Finals, in which they were beat by then-underdog, the Miami Heat. Dallas had the No. 1 record in the NBA with 67 wins. Dirk was hungry and everyone thought Dallas was gonna win big time. But Dallas, the top seeded team in the West, was ousted by the Golden State Warriors, the eighth seed in six games.

Since then, the Mavs have continued to fall short, yet have always been an intimidating team. I recall watching Knicks games and seeing the schedule for upcoming road trips, dreading the run in Texas. Sunday night at 8 in the American Airlines Arena, they can finish it all. Maybe Dirk will finally get his trophy dinner.


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