Living in a Lockout?

To be completely honest, I had no idea what a lockout meant for the NBA. I’ve been hearing the word often enough for the last few weeks, but never really got my head around the concept. So, what is the lockout anyway?

NBA SalariesFrom what I could understand of my quick research, the NBA owners and players are in a disagreement about monetary issues. Players’ salaries aren’t up to the players’ standards, while the owners are dissatisfied with dwindling profits? If anyone can explain the lockout to me further, please do. I’m still very confused about the whole thing.

All I know is, the business side of the NBA has been revealed to me. I have been enjoying the sport over the past five years–watching games and highlights on T.V., cheering on the Knicks even when times were hopeless, tuning into various ESPN radio stations to get the scoop on the 2010 free agency while on a 14-hour road trip–yet I failed to realize these men aren’t only “playing” basketball, they’re working…and expecting a paycheck.

Though the numbers seem astronomical, (millions of dollars a year…why is this a problem again?), it’s a business. And just like any other business, the NBA needs to profit and keep every party involved satisfied in order to run smoothly.

I’m hoping all the bumps in the road get fixed in time so no regular season games need to be sacrificed because owners wanna profit, players wanna play, and us fans wanna watch some good basketball.



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