Stars Look to Sign Elsewhere

Besiktas logoA total failure can lead to something that’s not utter humiliation. No one witnessed my fail at typing “” a few minutes ago, except for Google. I clicked on the first search result that came up, and was surprised that there were actually headlines about the current players on the site. Then I realized it wasn’t I stumbled upon, but rather this nifty website, which I hadn’t visited since 2003. After quickly skimming headlines, I checked Real GM and Yahoo! Sports to see if everyone was talking about the same thing.

And, indeed, they were. My typing fail led me to a newsworthy story: NBA players are considering taking their talents to South Beach international leagues. While Deron Williams has already signed with Beşiktaş, a part of the Turkish Basketball League (though this story was in the headlines before the Lockout as another woe to the Nets), other big name players like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard have confirmed rumors of their possible relocation if the NBA Lockout doesn’t end soon.

I agree with Kobe, it is great that the sport is becoming global, but I’m not ready to see my favorite players move overseas.



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