82 Games in a Season

Photo cred: Knicks.com

Yesterday, the 2011-2012 NBA season schedule was released. November 1st marks the first day of the regular season with the reigning champs, Dallas Mavericks playing host to the MVP, Derrick Rose’s team, the Chicago Bulls. To air live on TNT, with game two of the double header etched in as LAL vs. OKC, Kobe vs. KD. Perhaps.

The Knicks have graced the second night of the NBA season, sharing the national screen-stage with the Miami Heat, the team that stole all the hype last season and the team  the Mavs decided to “turn off” in the Finals. The New Yorkers in orange and blue landed 29 nationally televised games. I would be more delighted when and if: (1) the lockout ceases to exist, and (2) I didn’t have MSG Network.

The excitement of the ’11-’12 season has been contained due to the Lockout, no doubt. And with one of the latest Real GM headlines reporting negotiations between players and owners have been postponed until August, I’m becoming more distraught. I need my NBA games. All 82 of them.



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