WHAT Is Going On?

Photo cred: Layup Line

I had a lot of things mixed up when I was trying to wrap my head around this Lockout business.

FIBA has officially allowed players to sign with international teams during the NBA Lockout. Deron Williams signed with Besiktas, while still under his contract with the Nets because of the lockout. So, he’s not ditching N.J. just yet. In a previous post I mentioned he left the Nets to play in Turkey, and I thought for some reason this had nothing to do with the lockout situation, but that was wrong.

Kobe is scheduled to talk with the Turkish club on Saturday, but now I realize these guys are going to play overseas while the Lockout is in effect, unless they’re free agents, to make up for the games they’ll miss (& money) from the NBA regular season.

This makes more sense now. Basketball players’ dreams are to play for the NBA. It’s an American sport. Why would they leave the NBA, while at their prime to play in a different league, unless there is a lockout?

WELL, there is a lockout. So, players are talking to other teams. They love playing basketball, and they get paid for it. Why sit around waiting when you could explore a foreign country, play your favorite game, and make money all at the same time? Can’t think of many reasons I would refuse an offer like that.

I’m still confused about this though. If these players do end up on international teams, and play there a couple months, what happens when the NBA Lockout ceases? Do they just fly back to the states and return to their respective teams? What about the contracts, the money? When will the Mavs get their rings? Will the schedule of games change? I learned from Wikipedia that this is the fourth lockout in the NBA, but I’ve never experienced one before as a fan– so that’s why I’m having a hard time understanding.

I saw a headline earlier today that players and owners are meeting up soon, and apparently Amar’e is starting a fashion line. The Detroit Pistons hired the former head-coach of the Nets, Lawrence Frank…waiting to see how that turns out.

And the NFL Lockout ended, too. Things Remembered wants us to celebrate by congratulating NFL fans by giving them new glasses with their name engraved, or something. I can’t remember when I gave the store my e-mail address to receive these notifications…

Lockout lockout lockout lockout. Lockout?

I apologize, (if there is anyone reading this–let me know if you are in the comments). This post is all over the place, and so am I. Trying to gather myself and my thoughts right before prayer, bed, work, and a holy month of fasting just days away.

Blogs I’ve come across that are helping me figure out this lockout stuff: NBA Overtime. Addicted to Ballin’.



2 thoughts on “WHAT Is Going On?

  1. “if there is anyone reading this–let me know if you are in the comments”

    Your attempt to get comments worked. HI, I READ YOUR BLOG.

    Except I have nothing to say lol, sorry, because you basically asked all the questions I had.

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