Clock Winding Down

Wall Clocks with Various TimesThe last time the following lyrics got stuck in my head was in the ninth grade. Today, these words reentered my mind. A line from Native Deen‘s “Dedication,”

“Even in the ninth inning, when the other team was winning, you were still in it.”

Let’s tweak the lyrics a bit to say,

“Even in the fourth quarter, when they all thought it was over, you were still in it.”

There, now it can apply to basketball. Oh, wait. That line hasn’t been applicable to the NBA since June, and won’t be applicable again until an uncertain date depending on what goes down in the upcoming CBA meetings. So, I’m going to take a different approach. Basically, whoever this song was dedicated to, went against all odds and accomplished something great, or at the least, never backed down.

As much as I would love to be that person, I feel like it’s impossible. I rarely feel motivated, and lately it seems I’ve hit rock bottom, unfortunately during a month in which I wished to excel above and beyond my normal spiritual productivity.

I’ve been blaming the circumstances I’ve fallen into this month as well as other people for my lack of activity, but know I could have done more on my own. The dependence I have been handed due to my age, gender, status, and culture is an inevitability, which I focused too hard on fighting. I realize now, with just a number of days I can count on one hand remaining of Ramadan, that my energy was misplaced.

Enough is enough. There are two minutes left in the fourth quarter, and I’m trailing by double digits. But, I am still in it. It’s my turn to go against all odds and make the greatest comeback in history.


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