Jenga and the NBA

One of the websites I visit almost daily is YouTube. I catch up on my subscriptions and check out what videos are featured. The other day, YouTube had a headline about the NBA Lockout. It featured humorous videos of NBA players and what they are doing with all their free time, now that the League is in a lockout. I clicked most of them, and found the one below hilarious. Get a glimpse of the intense, short-lived Jenga battle between the League’s two young, charismatic big men. And did you notice, the NBA floor is made of wood, just like the Jenga blocks?! Thanks Blake Griffin for enlightening me.


Although it was uploaded more than a month ago for the Espy’s, it still got a ton of laughs out of me. Both Blake Griffin and Kevin Love are some of the younger big men in the league, and I find them to have great personalities! They are entertaining both on and off the court, bringing a spark and some national attention to their teams the L.A. Clippers and Minnesota T-Wolves, respectively.

About two more months until the NBA regular season is set to begin, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.


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