A New(s) Writing Style

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Finally, I’m making some time to blog. Updates!

I have officially declared my major, Alhamdulillah. And with that Journalism & Media Studies major comes a class that is a prerequisite for almost every other writing class in the department– News Reporting & Writing. (I’m also majoring in religion– actually thinking about starting a blog for that kind of stuff, but I haven’t decided yet…)

The first thing I realized when taking the News Reporting & Writing class was that all of my articles in my high school paper couldn’t really be classified as news articles. If I handed one of those in to my professor this semester, I would fail. It’s not that the writing was bad, but my articles never met the qualifications of being a news story.

They were always opinionated, wordy, and lacked actual fact. There was no real news reporting involved. More than anything else, writing for my school newspaper was more of a hobby and a medium of expression I utilized to make my voice heard when it came to sports and religious ideals. I think in all my years of writing for the paper, I must have quoted twice. One was from Eli Manning after the insane Super Bowl XLII win (I found an article published on Yahoo! quoting what I had just heard on T.V. for verification purposes) and the other was from ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show (something about the Knicks from either the Larry Brown or Isiah Thomas era…it is so insignificant now, I can’t even remember the coach).

Now, I’m learning how to actually write a news article. It’s different and definitely a challenge. Discarding opinions–even using emotionally charged words like: unfortunately, luckily, and tragic needs to be avoided–is new to me. But, it’s not called learning if you already know what’s up; that’s a review. So, I’m learning–for real this time–how to write a legitimate news article.

Blogging, however, is supposed to be opinionated. ;)

(Okay, this post is long enough. I really wanted to write about the AP’s article post on NBA.com Friday afternoon in regards to the Lockout, but I’ll save that for later this weekend, if God so wills. Not like anything will progress from now until Sunday afternoon/evening, so keep an eye out–I’m not allowing my September archive to have only one post.)


5 thoughts on “A New(s) Writing Style

  1. Honestly, I can’t recall if other people’s articles were like that. I just know I put a lot of opinion in mine. When I wrote about basketball, obviously I had stats and stuff, but mine really weren’t news articles now that I think about it.

  2. So true! Our articles were always super opinionated (they were awesome I must say) but definitely not “news” articles. I’m so happy you’ve decided what you want to do Habeebz! I miss writing for our school paper though :/ Those sports articles were some reallllyyy good times. Anyways, good luck with the new style of legitimate articles, it’s a new interesting road to travel, learning new writing techniques and legitimacy is always nice (=

    • Thanks May! I am having fun with my class, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. Do you believe I still have all my copies of the Oculus? I read through them and look through the yearbooks when I feel reminiscent. Good times. =)

  3. […] Or at least, that’s what journalists are supposed to do. The entire ethical standard of objectivity and leaving out personal opinions in journalism was flushed down the toilet long ago. With the Boston Marathon breaking news from the week of April 15, this burying of media ethics reached new lows in my eyes. (Just for the record, bloggers can be opinionated.) […]

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