The Post I Promised

As I promised, here’s the “later this weekend” post:

AHH! Forty-three preseason games cancelled! Cue dramatic sound effect: bum bum bummm.

After Thursday’s meeting, no deal was made between the players and owners regarding the labor agreement, resulting in a postponement of training camps (originally set to begin Oct. 3–that’s next week!) and the first week of preseason games cancelled.

The Associated Press reported on Friday:

“Asked Thursday if he thought things were far enough along to still believe that [avoiding the cancellation of regular season games] was possible, Commissioner David Stern said: ‘I don’t have any response to that. I just don’t. I don’t know the answer.'”

The Lockout has been in effect for nearly 87 days now. Check out SLAM Online’s counter on the site’s homepage. Kind of scary how fast time has gone by. Naturally, I’ve been feeling lethargic when it comes to writing about basketball during this Lockout, but I’ve had a couple things pull me back into it.

  1. Knicks T-shirtA Knicks fan at work– I was at work on Saturday, and a customer walks in to pay her bill. First thing I notice: Blue T-shirt with the words “NEW YORK” across the front in orange and white with Jerry West’s silhouette in the middle. I LOVE it when people are decked out in fan gear, being loyal to their team (I gave a how-to speech in 10th grade, “How to be a Good Sports Fan” for my public speaking elective wearing a Knicks hat.) So anyway, we chatted a few brief minutes about the Knicks, sadly coming to a conclusion in which the NBA games would not start on time, and we’d miss some NYK action that was cut-off short last season. But hey, a fellow Knicks fan… :)
  2. SLAM Magazine– Oh man, was I waiting for this to come in the mail! I usually flip through all the pages, and then go back to read the articles, starting with the featured. I skim Trash Talk (Letters to the Editor) for Ed’s respones; they’re always hilarious. In this issue I was pleased to find a Patrick Ewing Slamadamonth (Slam of the Month). When I showed my brother, he actually remembered watching that game from March 9, 1997, and that made me look postively to the future. If God wills, ten years from now, I will be able to look at a mag paying respects to the greats from decades past, and I’ll say, “I remember that game.”

As much as I want the Lockout to end in time for all the regular season games to go as planned, I’m not dumb. If the NBA Commish doesn’t even sound sure of what’s going on anymore, all I can do is pray that it turns out good for everyone–players, owners, and us, the FANS.


2 thoughts on “The Post I Promised

  1. Congratulations on being social.

    I guess it would kinda suck for the NBA, but um just saying, some of them should get signed to Barca okay. Just ’cause Barca is awesome. And Ricky Rubio plays/ed? there.

    Two phrases/words/whatever in this post made me laugh. As you know, FANS was one of them. Guess which was the other :P

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