Money, Money, Money

It saddens me my tag cloud on the right side of the page says “NBA Lockout” considerably larger than the rest of the words.

MoneyI was listening to The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio the day after the first two weeks of the season were cancelled, and he said he wasn’t on the side of the players or the owners. However, he did mention he believed the owners were greedy, and that the players need to realize if this Lockout continues until January, they are losing salaries they will never get back. He also said he’s disappointed–as I myself am, and I’m sure many (if not all) NBA fans are as well–that both the owners and players are sacrificing the NBA season games to get what they want.

I’m not about to forget this quote from Derrick Rose as reported by the Associated Press, found on

“There’s no reason why billionaires and millionaires should be arguing about money. There are other things in this world that we should be arguing about, but money shouldn’t be the problem.”

Yesterday was Friday night, and I just got PAID! $ $ $. Too bad NBA players won’t be singing that for a while.


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