Trash Talk

You know, it’s true what people say about college. These approximate four years, the so-called “best years of my life,” the years I’m supposedly going to miss, are definitely the years of self-discovery and growth. These four years are the years of embracing opportunity and taking chances. That whole “figuring out what to do with my life” phase in the second half of high school senior year, when graduation was just around the corner, when butterflies ate away at my insides, when everyone besides me knew exactly what they were going to do in college and beyond–yeah, those few stressful months were a tease.

The real nervousness hits when talking to uptight sophomores and juniors as a college freshman.

“So what classes are you taking?” they’ll inevitably ask.

“Um, Art History, General Psych, Religions of the Eastern World, and–what’s that last one? Wow, I already forgo–oh yeah! Expos,” I’d answer like a freshman.

“…What’s your major?”

“I’m undecided.”

From there, the conversation can take two turns:

  1. “No big deal–you’ve got plenty of time.” (Me: SIGH of relief!)
  2. “You better decide quick. I wasn’t sure my first year, and I took random classes like that. Now I’m behind.” (Me: O_O or maybe -_-  depending on whether that was the fourth or fifth time I had the same conversation within a week.)

After countless occurrences of the above conversation, only one time (or maybe two, but I doubt it) was it helpful. Near the end of my first semester, I decided to take the revelation-like advice coming out of the mouth of the person sitting across the tutoring table from me and wrote to SLAM for the first time.

That letter I sent led to a chain of 5 one-liner emails between me and Lang Whitaker. A month and a half later, the second letter I sent to SLAM was published in their mag. And another one after that was what I call the “big one” on top. And today, to my surprise and what was of a making-my-week kind of status was #3,  Alhamdulillah:


Just put forward your best effort, enjoy where you’re at, pursue something you love, and God will make things fall into place–if it’s what’s best for you. Insha’Allah.


8 thoughts on “Trash Talk

  1. LOL. Those typical conversations that you have above – those are the kinds of conversations I have with almost everyone I talk to at Rutgers. The only difference is that I am an “undecided engineer”.
    “What’s your major?”
    “What kind?”
    “I don’t know.”
    awkward silence.

  2. […] thought of SLAM as something more than a hobby, until after November 2010, when I wrote into Trash Talk for the first time. Then more recently during this spring semester, my professor helped me write a […]

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