iLaugh at the Lockout

Apple iPhone 4sWhile I got my new phone a little over two weeks ago, I’m still discovering its many functions and benefits. The first thing I noticed was the camera. Then Siri was pretty fun to talk to. After that, I started messing with the settings, and finally I downloaded apps.

Close to the top of my list of apps I wanted to download was an ESPN app, ScoreCenter  (I didn’t know that’s what it was called, I just searched the App Store for “NBA”). So anyway, I didn’t think it’d be much use for me until the NBA season started, but every now and then it’s fun to look at it.

While browsing ScoreCenter on my phone early this morning I came across this post, which I later looked up online to link to it. King James is back in the news, and it’s funny–when I read the post about how he’d tweeted a number of players to come join him and the boys in Miami, I had to think for a second.

A Heat uni…that’s random. Why would LeBron James want these guys in Miami?

Then I laughed at how the Lockout distanced me so far from the previous season that I was confused which players were in which uniforms. I laughed harder when I read Harden’s reply to James with all the exclamation points.

#ENDTHELOCKOUT. WordPress isn’t the place for Twitter? Well, Twitter isn’t the place to recruit new players for your basketball team. But hey, social media has surprised us before hasn’t it?


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