I love you guys

Getcha Facts Straight

So, what’s H2 anyway? Well…

Once upon a time (in September 2004, to be exact), in a place ~15 miles southeast of my hometown, I met a group of preteens and adults who would change my life forever, Alhamdulillah.

Jumping forward five years to September 2009 until June 2010, I had the absolute pleasure of being ONE of Noor-Ul-Iman School’s fourteen seniors in the Class of 2010.

Never Again. Getcha Facts Straight. Yeah, SON!

Every day was a party.

For graduation, my class and I had to put together a slideshow about ourselves for the ceremony (with 14 graduates, you could do that sort of thing). It was really personal, and everybody knew everybody else, so it wasn’t like families only waited for their kid’s name to pop up on the screen.

We brainstormed in class, giving each other nicknames. “The Drama Queen” was kind of the appointed writer-on-the-board to make things like this and who was bringing what main dish/side dish/dessert to class parties official. I was the scribe who usually had it on paper and bombarded the group with emails almost every evening (definitely every week).

When it was my turn to get a name and “superlative,” this is what my 13 friends came up with:

I love you guys

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Major heartfelt shout-outs to:

Iqster, The Spy, The Brown Batman, The Prancer, Sir-Eats-a-Lot, Ghost, Sunshine, Marwee$ha, The Compass, The Complainer, Top Chef, Z-Man, and of course The Drama Queen.

You guys are the parents of my blog’s name, and so much more than that, duh. <3 (I don’t like doing those less-than-three hearts, but for you collectively, anything hehe.)

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