SPOILERS! Light is Kira!

Death Note IRL

Death Note - Light Yagami

This morning in my previously mentioned news reporting and writing class, we were given a new assignment: Pick a celebrity to write about. I’m thinking,

Woo hoo! I get to write an article about a super cool famous person of my choosing! Basketball player, I choose YOU!

Then, we were given the rest of the assignment. Write a canned obit, a ready-to-go profile, upon said celebrity’s death.

We aren’t supposed to mention the cause of death (otherwise this assignment would be eerily similar to what Kira wrote in the Death Note), but instead celebrate in a factual way the person’s accomplishments, and even the infamous things he was (is) known for.

So…this is a weird assignment. I don’t know who to write a canned obit for, and frankly, I think it’s creepy that these exist.


5 thoughts on “Death Note IRL


    I don’t understand why you find the assignment so weird, just pretend you’re writing like a mini mini biography instead of calling it an obituary.

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