Season’s Greetings!

My winter break just got a billion times more exciting, and I was already counting down the days. Alhamdulillah.

CHRISTMAS DAY it all ends, if God wills. The Boston Celtics vs. the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden will open up the 2011 (a whole 7 days of it) – 2012 season.

YAY! The NBA IS BACK. And I have no schoolwork to distract me from the amazing that can happen on Dec. 25, Insha’Allah.

The Knicks game will be followed by an NBA 2011 Finals rematch with Miami at Dallas. The third game of the triple header features last year’s MVP Derrick Rose and the Bulls visiting Kobe and the Lakers in L.A.

I was getting tired, sad, and hungry for the past 140-something days of being locked out. But finally, FINALLY, I’m relieved and pumped up. Motivated too, because now I can fill up another category on this blog besides “Lockout.”


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