Back to Normal?

I’m one of those people that makes time to do things like relax even when I’ve got a boatload of work to get done. I’ll admit, this hasn’t been the best semester I’ve had in terms of productivity and time management–honestly, I feel like I still haven’t fully recovered from summer vacation.

And then when I realize I’ve got only seven days of classes left, and then two finals before my winter break begins to officially end my third semester at Rutgers, I’m pretty close to going crazy…like right now. Yeah, now–I’m going nuts.


And then when it’s all over, it’ll be back to normal–summer’s version of normal with all the relaxing and what not. Come Dec. 25, you know, CHRISTMAS, which means one thing to me this year–NBA IS BACK with the Knicks officially opening up the season at MSG vs. the Boston Celtics, then, it’ll really be back to normal. Normal is where I thought I was most comfortable.

But, now, I’m not so sure. Is it crazy that as much as I’m looking forward to break, I’m going to be sad that this semester is over? I really, really enjoyed these few months. My classes were educational and enlightening, and I met a bunch of fascinating and friendly people. And having to get used to a new semester all over again in January until that becomes normal just sounds like, you know, a task.

While typing this seemingly pointless blogpost, I guess I’ve finally discovered that what’s normal changes in my life. Normal doesn’t last for more that a few months in my life right now. And that–this evolving normality–has become what’s normal for me. It scares me that in a couple of years and some months that this shifting normality might become a stagnant normality without life switching things up on me. I’m not ready for that. I’ve never been one to look towards the future and share what I see myself doing in 10 years.

…To think I started this post with the intention of celebrating‘s return to its normal pre-Lockout layout.


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