A Furious Frontcourt

I’m so excited…WOO
And I just can’t hide it…WOO

The rest of the song that I only know due to Helen’s singing it in Drake & Josh doesn’t apply.

Knicks Frontcourt
By Aaron Houston for The New York Times

The Knicks got Tyson Chandler, and now people are saying they have the most powerful frontcourt in the L! So yeah that’s super exciting. Imagine acquiring Chandler’s former teammate Chris Paul–young and VERY talented point guard–this summer and a new coach…we’ve got ourselves a serious contender. Just this process of building up to that point by acquiring necessary pieces has been an enjoyment satisfying NYK fans, because after years of repetitive failure and a stagnant dispassion, that kind of thing works for us.

And the NBA can call off a trade after it has been dealt? That’s…well, is there a word for that really? Reading that headline I was like -___-

NBA Xmas! InshaAllah it’s going to be one to remember especially if the even newer looking Knicks give Boston a beautiful 0-1 record to start the season.


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