FANS Can Vote For Their Favorites

All-Star Weekend 2012 is set to take place in Orlando on February 26th. Fans are already voting for their favorites.

Over the past few years, I remember analysts pointing out that the All-Star ballots are released too early in the season. If the players chosen are considered that specific season’s All-Stars, they should be performing at All-Star levels in that season. But with the NBA less than two weeks into its season (which would have been two months at this point if it weren’t for the Lockout), the ballots are open.

I’m listening/watching TNT Overtime for the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat game, and it’s frustrating that the game and shot clocks aren’t displayed, but if it bothers me enough I can just turn on the T.V. I guess.

Along with Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, and sideline reporter Craig Sager, Charles Barkley is also commentating–which I’m not used to because I’ve only heard him on the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows. He expressed his criticism of the fan-voting system for the All-Star starters with the main argument revolving around one of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love, the “best power forward in the world.”

Love is up against fellow Western Conference players like Kevin Durant (led all players in scoring for the past two seasons), Blake Griffin (2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Champion), and Dirk Nowitzki (2011 Finals MVP) for the two starting forward positions.

My Eastern Conference StartersRegardless of performance, fans just vote for their favorites–which is exactly what I did, because I’m a fan. Three out of my five Eastern Conference picks were Knicks, though it’s clear players on other teams have performed at more of an All-Star level.

I really don’t mind that the All-Star starters are chosen by the fans. Because the other deserving players make it to the game too, not as starters–but they get to play. It’s an All-Star “Break.” Time off. Relaxation. Just good ol’ fun.

Hey, at least fans don’t vote for the league MVP.

Oh, and remember when Dallas and San Antonio had one of the more-entertaining NBA rivalries? Well, they’re also playing tonight. The Spurs (knocked out in the first round in last year’s playoffs after holding the top seed in the Western Conference) are leading the defending NBA champs 74-50 five minutes into the fourth quarter.

What’s up Dallas?


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