The NBA Is Random…Or It May Just Be Me

Black and White HeatA riddle: I’m black and white, not red (or read) all over, but caught an NBA fan’s eye when she turned on the T.V. last night. What am I?

Okay, so that could be a lot of things, but that’s why I don’t plan on writing riddles for a living. The answer anyway was the Miami Heat’s new look. The Heatles were hosting the L.A. Lakers and their black and white jerseys really stood out on the red and yellow court. It usually bothers me when teams wear their alternate jerseys at home, forcing the visiting team to wear their home jerseys. In this case, the Lakers sported their yellow uniforms. It just didn’t look right–that’s why it caught my eye the second I turned to TNT.

The Heat jerseys were slick though. Really slick.

As for tonight’s Knicks-Bucks game…it was dull, sloppy, just all-around bad. Except for Brandon Jennings. He’s got game. I learned today that the Bucks have a rookie named Tobias Harris on their team, age 19. I’m 19. That was the most I got out of it, not saying much. Except that my head like Troy Bolton’s was not in the game. Unlike Troy though, I wasn’t the team captain back in HSM, so no one was counting on me to take the winning shot.

Right now, the L.A. Clippers are hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves. Everyone’s talking about the Wolves “fun-to-watch” Spanish guard, Ricky Rubio. It’s the 21-year-old’s NBA rookie season, though he was originally drafted in 2009. Commentators acknowledged his recognition amongst his fellow players. I remember LeBron tweeted back on Dec. 26:

“Rubio can pass that rock!”

Rubio’s teammate, Kevin Love stars with a player on the opposite team, Blake Griffin, another definition of entertainment, in a Jenga commercial. Everything from Griffin’s tweets to his commercials to his dunks makes him worth paying attention to. Griffin’s the man. Much love to Love too.

That’s all from me right now. Just wanted to get something up. I’m sorry, I know this post is super random and unorganized. Bedtime?



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