Gutenberg's Printing Press

An Amateurish Expert

Gutenberg's Printing PressI feel like an amateurish expert on Gutenberg’s printing press. Does that make any sense at all?

I’m taking a class this semester called Development of Mass Media, which places advances in media technology in an historical context. I’m going to be honest here–I really, really didn’t enjoy history class in high school, or middle school, and I’m pretty sure my first bad grade was on a Social Studies test in 4th grade because I only studied the bold vocabulary terms from the book. (I didn’t understand the concept of studying for a test).

In Fall 2010, I discovered a new side of me that didn’t hate history class. I took Art History that semester and found myself way more knowledgeable about mankind’s progression. Though through art, but still–that was art created in a certain society that valued particular ideals, and all that.

It was interesting, and I’ve actually retained some of that information. Every time I see ionic columns, I’m like,


So my professor for DMM gives us plenty of readings, and I did all of the ones about the printing press for this past Monday. I felt accomplished, because I did the introductory ones I missed for the first day of class, too. I take notes on my readings…because otherwise I just look at the words and don’t learn anything, so that’s why catching up is a big deal.

During Monday’s lecture, I was shocked with all the information I already knew. It was like listening to a person reading my notes to me. So, I didn’t write anything down. Plus my professor puts up her PowerPoints on the online course website, so I decided to just sit and listen. It was kind of weird because everyone around me was typing and writing away and I wasn’t even holding a pencil. It felt nice, though I realized going to class was kind of unnecessary. But I figured exam time, it will be beneficial. Besides, I’m not that student. Getting out half an hour early is always fun, too.

I have an interesting assignment for that class. It consists of a 24-hour period with no Internet, phone, television, audio, books–any type of media or typeface and then at least a 2-page response paper. But, it’s okay to go to class and look at projected slides, do required reading, you know. I’m planning to do that tomorrow morning around 7 a.m. until 7 a.m. Friday and will post my response on here if it goes well, Insha’Allah.

I’m going to finish my reading for today’s class now so I can be an amateurish expert on early printed news in 15th and 16th century Europe.


4 thoughts on “An Amateurish Expert

  1. That’s a really interesting assignment. I don’t know if people – esp students who text 24/7 – have that much self-control. can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. good luck :)

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