LinsanityChants of MVP echoed throughout Madison Square Garden tonight as Jeremy Lin was interviewed by MSG Network after his first game as a starting point guard in the NBA.

After his jaw-dropping performance in Saturday night’s game, the same question was on every Knicks fan’s mind:

Can Lin do that again?

Tonight, boy did he prove he was no one-game wonder. Scoring a new career-high 28 points and dishing out another new career-high eight assists, Lin led the short-handed Knicks to their second win in a row by defeating the Utah Jazz 99-88.

The Knicks were without Amar’e Stoudemire, currently in Florida with his family mourning the loss of his brother, Hazell Stoudemire, who passed away in a car accident. My heart goes out to STAT and his family.

The team also lost Carmelo Anthony to a groin injury in the first quarter. He went back to the locker room, got checked out, and joined the team on the bench in his street clothes.

Nevertheless, the remaining roster pulled through. Definitely made my Monday, watching this Knicks game. Props to the boys for getting the win. Let’s keep it up, Insha’Allah.


7 thoughts on “LINsanity

  1. Eeeepp so excited!!! You know, I came to your blog as soon as I heard!! “Habeeba MUST have written about it!” =]

    Seriously gonna try to get to a TV this season. I must see this guy live in action.

    • That was good! I couldn’t watch the video, is it just a clip of the game with the commentators? One of them was bugging me a lot…he kept saying how Lin was exhausted, even play after play when Lin drove through to the basket hard. Silly commentators.

      • I should really learn to check the “notify me of follow up comments via email” box. hahah just saw this! Yea the video was just a compilation of the his highlights for the game, and the commentators were sometimes very annoyed >.<

      • Yeah I was talking to one of my friends about that today. The commentators really can’t think of anything better to say. I like Walt Frazier, and Mike Breen usually I can tolerate, but for these past few games, he’s been pretty frustrating on the ears.

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