Turn on the Jeremy Lin Show. It’s Good.

I love it when it’s fun being a true Knicks fan. The good times are the best when you’ve been through the tough times. If you’ve been following the up-and-down Knicks in just this shortened season, you’ve already got the taste of the endless roller-coaster ride that is New York basketball. 

Jeremy Lin took the city by storm the Saturday night before the New York Giants won the Super Bowl as the Knicks battled Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets, putting up career-highs across the board. It was Linsane, but people thought there was no way this could keep happening. The Knicks simply lucked out Saturday playing a sub-par team, right?

Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak
Photo cred: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Come Monday, Lin did his thing again–this time as the starting point guard, updating his career-highs for the second game in a row. As I’ve written in my previous post linked above, the Knicks were without Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Nevertheless, Lin led the Knicks to their second consecutive win over Devin Harris and the Utah Jazz.

Two games, two great performances by Lin. Bring on the next game.

Wednesday night, the Knicks visited John Wall’s Washington Wizards on a short road trip south to D.C. I missed this game, but heard the Knicks started out a little slow. By the time I tuned in, New York was comfortably ahead. They grabbed the road win with a final score of 107-93. Lin had 23 points and a new career-high 10 assists.

People had to be convinced now! Well…

Last night, the Knicks hosted Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden. Critics were not so sure Lin would be able to have another outstanding performance. Michael Kay of ESPN Radio New York tweeted his prediction that Lin would score under 25 points.

Boy, were those critics wrong.

Twitter exploded as the starting guard Super Lintendo finished with yet another new career-high 38 points. Not just chants of “Jeremy,” but MVP chants were heard throughout the stands, again, as the Knicks beat the Lakers 92-85. The Knicks were all smiles as Lin led them to their fourth consecutive win.

Tonight, the Knicks take on the Minnesota Timberwolves and their Spanish rookie sensation, Ricky Rubio. Rubio went pro in Spain at age 14. FOURTEEN. He was drafted by the T-Wolves two years ago, and made his way over to the states for his first NBA season this year. Rubio is looking to get his team back to .500 tonight at home in Minnesota, and Lin is looking for that fifth straight win.

I can’t wait to see what The Lin Show has got in store for us tonight.


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