Jeremy Lin

Team Shaq, FTW

It was an inevitable and unnecessary question to ask…Team Edward or Team Jacob? That was a train I never jumped on, and I’m glad. But the whole “team” thing spread to other things.

The Hunger Games, my favorite book, is coming to the big screen March 23. People have been asking: Team Peeta or Team Gale? Really? Stop. It’s not Twilight–it’s not the next Twilight. It’s The Hunger Games. Super sophisticated, clever, a genius masterpiece with a stirring plot that had me on the edge of my seat as I flipped every page. I’m not exaggerating. If you haven’t read it, read it. Now.

The NBA too has delved its feet into the “team” game. Well, basketball has always been a team game, but I’m talking Team Shaq vs. Team Chuck. That’s the retired Shaquille O’Neal’s drafted team versus “Sir” Charles Barkley’s.

All-Star Weekend 2012 is a little switched up this year. Set to take place next weekend, Feb. 24-26 in Orlando, the festivities kick off Friday night. Traditionally, the Friday night game has been Rookies vs. Sophomores– that’s top-performing first-year NBA players on one team versus top-performing second-year NBA players on the opposite team. For 2012 however, the game has been renamed “BBVA Rising Stars Challenge,” sponsored by BBVA, the official bank of the NBA. The players are still just rookies and sophomores–but they’re mixed up. Shaq and Chuck drafted the teams.

Team Shaq includes four players I’m a fan of (amongst some other talented rookies and sophomores, of course):

  • Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers (Sophomore)
  • Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks (Sophomore)
  • Ricky Rubio – Minnesota Timberwolves (Rookie)
  • Landry Fields – New York Knicks (Sophomore)

As for Team Chuck, I haven’t really seen his players do their thing, so I can’t rightfully judge–but headlines say Team Shaq is at a clear advantage. I’ve never considered myself a Shaquille O’Neal fan–but I’m rooting for his team in next week’s game. I’ve always looked forward to All-Star Weekend–it’s what got me into basketball in the first place, so needless to say, I’m excited.

And just my quick happy Knicks update: 7-game winning streak; hosting the New Orleans Hornets tonight at Madison Square Garden. The world has a “big crush” on Jeremy Lin, and he’s been the talk of every media outlet–sports related or not. Looks like the NYK have got themselves a point guard.


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