Apparently, It’s April 20th

Hourglass and ShadowI cannot emphasize enough how much time freaks me out.

The Knicks are playing their fourth-to-last game right now. After tonight’s match against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Knickerbockers will only have three more games to play in the regular season. I know the season was shortened and everything, so that definitely made it feel like it passed by quicker, but like…still. And even though NBA Xmas felt like a long time ago, the months in between just flew.

Well, no. They didn’t fly, not like a bird anyway. More like flying at the speed of light. Does light fly? Travel? Travel. Because that makes sense.

What really gets to me though, is how little I accomplish in a given day. I know I have hours to get a set list of tasks done, so I will end up procrastinating  two hours before I have to get ready for school. Sure, there’s 10-20 minutes worth of focused work occurring in between the half-hours of pointless YouTube videos being watched before those two hours of panic hit, but there will always be leftover tasks on my list.

It’s sad, really. Time is such a precious thing, and to waste it…well, isn’t that sinful? I mean, if I wasn’t going to be spending that time doing work, I could have at least blessed my body with a couple more hours of sleep instead of battling my tiredness during my first two classes (which aren’t even early in the morning).

So with summer vacation approaching aka FOUR MONTHS OF FREE TIME, I need to set some goals. Real goals. My friend’s been telling me to write a bucket list, and I think I’ll do it. That, in addition to like just things I need to accomplish in the summer–like reorganizing everything in my room, reading some books, and setting some good religious habits again.

This video (YouTube’s not all bad, that’s for sure. If only I could just limit my viewing to my subscriptions…) shares a nice way to be on top of your productivity. I may take up the method this summer, and continue it during the school year if it proves successful.

So yeah. April has just 10 days remaining in it. This is only my first post for the month–even when there’s been PLENTY of exciting NBA news to write about like…

  • The Knicks’ general roller-coaster of a season. Clinched the playoff berth last night, but are currently down 14 to the Cavs at the start of the fourth quarter.
  • 15-5 record with interim head coach Mike Woodson, after Mike D’Antoni’s firing/resignation mid-March
  • Melo’s second triple-double of his career, and recently explosive point performances
  • Steve Novak’s position as the No. 1 three-point shooter in the game right now

That’s just some Knicks news within the week. There’s 29 other teams in the NBA, with a month’s worth of STUFF that’s happened. And I haven’t written about any of it. Sigh.

What is time?


3 thoughts on “Apparently, It’s April 20th

  1. Lol, I think I know what you mean! While March took its own sweet time, I feel April flew by! I didn’t even notice! Good luck with your finals!

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