Rise Up NYK

Rise Up NYKIt was a sad start to the 2012 NBA Playoffs this weekend…for me anyway.

I had some family gatherings to attend pretty much all of Saturday. Seeing my extended family was awesome–don’t get me wrong. But, sitting in the backseat of a Toyota Camry directing my mom to switch in between from 1050 ESPN Radio New York and 1040, which sometimes gives a better signal, was not my idea of watching Game 1 of the Knicks and Heat series. Plus the backseat makes me nauseous.

I didn’t expect to keep hearing the word “crush” to describe what was happening to the Knicks in the American Airlines Arena Saturday afternoon. I avidly checked Twitter for game updates while sitting in the car, unable to get to a TV set. When I saw the following tweet, I realized “crush” may have been used lightly.

What’s worse is that the Knicks’ defensive weapon, Iman Shumpert collapsed to the floor and tore his ACL, ending the rookie’s season. Chicago point guard Derrick Rose is also out for the rest of the playoffs with the same injury suffered in the Bulls’ Game 1 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Today, I found out LeBron James flopped all over the court in Saturday’s game–which made sense of the “Flop of the Night” TT on Twitter.

I just saw the clips of LeFlop’s masterpieces from Saturday on the MSG Network’s pregame show, and I’m gonna jump on the Stop the Flop train. It’s disgusting. Cut the act, and play some ball.

With just under three minutes left in the first quarter of Game 2, New York trails Miami 18-14.

Good to see Tyson Chandler on the court. Carmelo Anthony is off to a better shooting start than Saturday, and Jeremy Lin said in an interview fans may see him suited up with the ball in his hands down the road in the first round.

Rise up NYK. Let’s do this.


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