An Obligatory Reflective Post

Obligatory reflective post on my most recent semester at Rutgers in 3…2…1…GO!

My sophomore year in college is almost over. I’ve got one more paper left to write, and then I’m officially done. In terms of driving 20 minutes to and from New Brunswick, that was over yesterday.

TwitterYup. Classes done. Exams done. All that stands in the way of my summer vacation is a 6-10 page research paper for my Development of Mass Media class. I’ve decided to write about Twitter. Because Twitter is fun. If I’m going to write a 6-10 page research paper on something, I want to enjoy researching the topic.

I kind of wish more stood in the way of my summer vacation, though. I love relaxing, but too much of it throws me off balance. I just don’t know what to do with myself sometimes, even though there’s a million things to do. SO many things to read and learn–about different cultures, historical events, articles in the news, how things work and function and survive. SO many people that need help–around the town, country, and world. SO many friends to visit, catch up with, and make new memories with. SO many good habits to develop–religiously, spiritually, and intellectually.

My list could go on forever.

When I think about the semester I’ve had, I feel truly blessed. I’ve learned so much inside the doors of my classrooms. I’ve been presented with numerous readings and lectures on the structure and content of the Hebrew Bible, Sufi theology and Sufi poetry overflowing with words of wisdom, scrupulous works of contemporary Muslim feminists, novels highlighting journalism at its finest, and articles time-lining the development of media.

I’ve learned a whole lot outside the classroom doors, too. I’ve conquered fears of driving in dark and crowded parking decks, interviewed “experts” in person for my articles, maintained relationships from semesters past, and had really genuine and nice conversations with really genuine and nice people.

So, looking back, I can’t help but laugh at the person I was when I wrote this post from December. I mean, this entire excerpt is still applicable, word-for-word:

“I really, really enjoyed these few months. My classes were educational and enlightening, and I met a bunch of fascinating and friendly people.”

But, if someone from the future was to visit my December 3, 2011 self and tell her that her fourth semester at RU was going to turn out the way it did, the following attitude would definitely have been more willing to embrace what was to come:

“Having to get used to a new semester all over again in January until that becomes normal just sounds like, you know, a task.”

FutureI can now say, that task was one of the most wonderful tasks I ever had the pleasure of checking off of my to-do list.

That’s the funny thing about the future. As much as it is at my fingertips, it’s still unknown. I guess if you were warned beforehand of all the curve-balls life was going to throw at you, it wouldn’t be as exciting to be up at bat.

That’s a pretty reflective post, right?


4 thoughts on “An Obligatory Reflective Post

  1. Quite reflective lol. I have to ask… Did you take Sufism: Mystical Islam with Mojaddedi? My cousin took it and said she didn’t like the way he teaches, that he just shows one side of it? What did you think of it?

    • Yes I took that class, and I loved it and the professor lol. I’ve had a class with him every semester since my second. He is pretty set on his own views, but I was glad I got to learn something different than what I was used to. I feel like he acknowledged there are other ways to look at Sufism, but focused on a particular path, and he warned the students of that. It was fun having the class with your cousin even though she didn’t love it lol :)

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