The Playoff Action Continues

Undefeated SpursSo I totally left the Knicks stuff hanging…Too bad we aren’t the Spurs.

True, the Knicks season survived, and it was an exciting afternoon, but Miami wasn’t going to keep playing around in Game 5.

As everyone expected, the Heat beat the Knicks down in South Beach to advance to the second round. The Knicks’ season was over. You know how the NBA Playoffs tagline is WIN OR GO HOME? Yeah, the NYK went home. Oh well. Once again, waiting for next year. Knicks fans are used to that.

With the Knicks out, I’m not as into the Playoffs as I wanted to be. I was really looking forward to the Thunder-Lakers series, but games from the Western Conference are late at night, and unfortunately, I just can’t fight my slumber. Actually, I probably could have tried harder…I don’t know why I didn’t.

Kevin Durant YOLOThe NBA is set for the Conference Finals now. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Lakers in five games to match up against the undefeated San Antonio Spurs in the West. The Miami Heat took out the Indiana Pacers in six games and will play the Boston Celtics who ousted the Philadelphia 76ers in a Game 7 last night.

The action continues tonight with Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The OKC Thunder will be visiting the Spurs. One of the best in the West are going to be adding a loss to their Playoffs record tonight. Should be a fun game.

Also, memes are fun–as long as they don’t take personal shots at players. I’ll admit the personal shots can be funny, but I feel bad for laughing sometimes…because believe it or not, NBA players and celebrities are people too.

And who really believes LeBron’s never getting a ring, anyway?


2 thoughts on “The Playoff Action Continues

  1. Lets go HEAT! I’m hoping the Spurs win their series b/c I think Miami’s got a better chance against them. Playing the Clippers and Jazz isn’t much practice compared to what OKC had to go through. Btw that picture with the Spurs is hilarious haha

    • I only like the Thunder out of the four teams left. Lol I liked that Spurs one too. I feel kind of bad for the Bobcats fans though, but really only 7 games?

      Sad thing is, even if LeBron gets a ring, people will still make fun of him.

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