Tonight’s Draft Night

Kostas Papanikolaou
The Knicks selected Papanikolaou in the 2nd round with the 48th pick.
Credit: Associated Press

Tonight is the 2012 NBA Draft, and  the Knicks just selected Kostas Papanikolaou from Greece with their 48th pick. The New York fans at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. booed quite loudly. Papanikolaou isn’t expected to come to the NBA for a few years, and apparently doesn’t have a great shot, but isn’t bad in Euroleague Basketball.

I have no opinion of the man’s skill (since I’ve never seen him play…or even heard of him), but his name is cool.

Anyway, the three main thoughts running through my mind tonight:

No. 1: These Guys Are Young

A LOT of the picks are my age or younger…and that’s just a little crazy. There are 20, 19, and 18-year-olds taking the huge leap from college life to professional world–not simply the normal professional world, but the globally watched, star-studded, and highly athletic professional world of the National Basketball Association.

No. 2: 2012-2013 Season, Months Away

Many of these guys born in the early 90s are going to run, practice, and play against their role models, but NBA fans need to wait four months before witnessing the rookies alongside the veterans.

No. 3: Still, Exciting Summer Ahead

Nevertheless, summer promises exciting headlines for the basketball world with the offseason player movement due to trades and free agency, as well as the London Olympics (in addition to tonight’s Draft).

Names like Ray Allen, Steve Nash, and Deron Williams highlight the free agent list. Starting July 1, these players can meet with teams, but can’t formally sign until July 11. Today, I learned this period from July 1 to July 10 has a name– it’s the Moratorium Period.

Since the Knicks already selected their pick tonight, the next NBA event I’ll be looking forward to is that Moratorium Period.

A Quick Shout Out…

Just want to give a shout out to my brother’s eleventh-seeded team for making it to the Muslim Basketball Championship Game. Congratulations Sana’a!


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