Knicks Sign Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby

NBA Summer Stories

I promised a friend some weeks ago that I would write about free agency stuff…oops.

Well, Afnaan, here it is. Sorry!

Where to start, where to start? There has been a LOT of movement so far this offseason. A great way to follow along is with’s Transactions Page. All the news is pretty much there. I’m going to write a little bit about which ones caught my interest, in chronological order.

Miami Signs Ray Allen

Miami Heat Sign Ray Allen
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

July 11, 2012. Allow me to refresh your memory. It was the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals – Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics. The C’s weren’t expected to win the series, but they extended it to seven games and put on a show. Ray Allen was one of the green monsters on the squad, draining three-pointers when the opposition could really use a break. Rumors spread after the season that Allen would sign with the team that ousted Boston in the Conference Finals, the Heat. I didn’t believe it, but I guess I was wrong.

Phoenix Signs and Trades Steve Nash to L.A. Lakers

Steve Nash Traded to Lakers
AP Photo/Reed Saxon

July 11, 2012. Steve Nash’s time in Phoenix had to come to an end sometime. When I think of the Suns, I still imagine the team they were back in 2006 with Nash, Shawn Marion, Leandro Barbosa, Raja Bell, and Boris Diaw. Of course, Amar’e Stoudemire and head coach Mike D’Antoni were a big part of that puzzle, but since then, they’ve been associated with the Knicks–so yeah, for me their Phoenix chapter had definitely closed. I’m happy for Steve Nash! I hope he gets a ring. I don’t like the Lakers particularly, and if Nash could win a championship without them, that would be nice, but basketball is not a one man game.

Toronto Signs Landry Fields

Landry Fields Toronto Raptors
Ian Willms/The Canadian Press

July 11, 2012. Bye-bye to Spike Lee wearing Fields’ No. 6 jersey on the Knicks’ sideline in Madison Square Garden. Bye-bye to the Fields and Lin bromance. The Stanford alum is now on the Toronto Raptors. Hm. I didn’t see that one coming.

New York Signs Jason Kidd

Knicks Sign Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

July 12, 2012. Jason Kidd is officially a New York Knick! WELCOME. I can’t wait to see how he runs the offense with Carmelo Anthony (who is doing quite well on Team USA from what I’ve read on Twitter), Stoudemire, and newly acquired Marcus Camby. Kidd won a championship in 2011 with the Dallas Mavericks, and while he isn’t a part of the youngsters in the NBA, he definitely has experience winning a Playoffs series.

New York Doesn’t Match Houston’s Offer to Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin on Houston Rockets
Bill Baptist/Getty Images

July 17, 2012. The Linsanity was nice while it lasted, right? Those stretch of games beginning in February were spectacular. The only words that can describe it are Lin puns. Really, though. Super Lintendo is on his way to Houston to continue his story as a Rocket. Lin will need to lift off; otherwise, Houston, you have a problem. So that’s where the name comes from. Did everyone know this already? My bad…

Chicago Signs Kirk Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich back in Chicago
AP Photo/David Banks

July 23, 2012. Remember when Kirk Hinrich was the starting point guard on the Bulls? Me too! Then he got traded to the Washington Wizards because the Bulls thought they were going to sign Dwyane Wade in the 2010 offseason. Two years later (OKAY WOW, it feels like it’s been at least four years), after playing for Washington and the Atlanta Hawks, the Iowa native finds himself back in Chicago. What a nice story.

Th-th-th-th-th-that’s all, folks!


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