The Biggest Sale of the Year

To start off, this post is not about basketball. Do you find that refreshing? Probably. It’s funny; most of my blog followers aren’t into the NBA much.

This is a post about Ramadan. But not like what is Ramadan, and why, and when. Instead–well to be completely honest, I don’t know where this post is going. I didn’t plan it. I’m just going to type.


So Ramadan is a month overflowing with blessings for those who seek it. As a teacher of mine described it–it’s like a sale, and we’re given MAD coupons.

Big SaleI’m not one to pass up a really good sale either. Yesterday, my aunt called me and my cousin from a store. She said that the employees had just filled up 80 percent off racks throughout the place. That meant the items were practically untouched, the sizes were all there, and it was time to drive over and take advantage of those bargains.

As if 80 percent off isn’t enough of a discount (it never is), these department stores mail out coupons year-round to entice shoppers. A lot of the times, I don’t even need anything, but because there’s a coupon and a sale, I will just check out what’s there with the mentality that it’s better to buy it at this unbeatable price even though I don’t need it instead of buying it really expensive when I do need it. Nowadays, I prefer online shopping instead of going in-store. Coupons are a Google search away, there’s no need to drive and walk around, browsing options are plentiful, I can be in my pajamas, AND there’s that satisfaction of unwrapping a package that comes in the mail.

If these stores and paper coupons can attract us so easily for items that will without a doubt fade, rip, and stain over the years, why don’t the everlasting rewards during Ramadan have the same effect?

I mean, they do–in the beginning of the month, everyone is like YEAH RAMADAN, and are eager to fast and pray. At the end, spirits get uplifted again because time is winding down. Right now, smack in the middle, we may hit a lull. This was pointed out to me by my superviser who read it on Productive Muslim.

So, that’s unfortunate–and I believe, truly avoidable. Ramadan is a 29 or 30-day sale. Nothing ever goes out of stock, and everything is FREE. It doesn’t cost a single penny. All it costs is time well-invested.

The products we get in return may not be actual things we can hold, wear, or play with. Insha’Allah, if Allah so wills, they’ll be so much more valuable. They won’t fade, rip, or stain; instead, they’ll last forever. Forever will that time well-invested be written on our records, and one day be repaid with blessings Insha’Allah.

Narrated Abu Said: The Prophet Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said:

“…There is no doubt that Allah will not overlook any of your good deeds” [Sahih Bukhari].

It’s the middle of Ramadan, and the Biggest Sale of the Year is still going strong, so let’s try to be smart shoppers.


9 thoughts on “The Biggest Sale of the Year

  1. You’re welcome and thanks! Haha, yes finally, alhamdullilah!! I really missed home and my bed while I was away. Oh and thanks to your mom for sending food! Especially when she’s fasting, it’s really generous!! :D

  2. I have never heard it so well put, or so simply and truthfully, and lightheartedly explained. I’m going to have to use this metaphor (will be sure to give “a brilliant friend of mine” credit whenever I do though). And just saying, your writing reads like a breath of fresh air. Masha’Allah, keep it up and you’re going places…because we all need a breath of fresh air a lot of the time.

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