It’s Not Just Basketball

Sometimes, I get really befuddled with my own thought process.

Back in the spring, I was able to sign up for classes for this upcoming fall semester. Since my core requirements and most of my Religion requirements are done, I needed to pile up the credits for my Journalism major. So, that’s what I did.

Some of the Journalism classes sound really interesting, but they either always get filled up or have terrible timings. I do NOT want to be in class until 9 P.M. I know eventually I will need to suck it up and take a late class because there won’t be another option. For Fall 2012, there is an option, so I choose finishing class early. Thanks.

One of the classes I signed up for is called Critical Issues in Sports Media. Going back to my thought process:

SPORTS = BASKETBALL = SOMETHING I KNOW, WATCH, LIKE, & WRITE ABOUT. Totally registering for this class; I don’t care if it’s three hours.

Sports EquipmentWhat I failed to realize was SPORTS = A LOT MORE THAN BASKETBALL.

After looking through my syllabus yesterday which became available I don’t know when, I discovered I need to read MAD sports articles. Easily more than 10 per class. (It’s only once a week though, so I really shouldn’t complain.) There are maybe 4-5 NBA articles throughout the semester, which is AWESOME, but I feel like I saw way more baseball material in there.

It’s not like I know nothing about other sports, but I just don’t bother keeping up with them as much. I know baseball and football exist, and yes I have watched some games, but that’s simply not where my interest lies. I became a little discouraged and shook my head at how I narrowed the definition of sports in my mind when I originally registered for the course.

As I thought about my situation and read my syllabus more closely, I figured it can’t be that bad. It’s not like I’m taking a class to engage in a heated debate about which MLB team is the best or who’s the best all-time NFL quarterback. Instead, the class is more about how media portrays sports, sports events, and sports players looking at issues such as race, gender, culture, etc.

After coming to this conclusion I thought,

“Yeah, this is what I want to learn about.”

Plus, I think being in that class will naturally help me become a more well-rounded sports fan, or at the very least, more aware of what’s going on “In Other News…”


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