COME AT ME BRO - Batman Beyond

I can’t believe I am typing this, but I am so ready to take on my third year. Bring. It. On.

It’s amazing how a single phone conversation and one night’s sleep can change your entire mindset about school. College is MY TIME. I don’t have to worry about anyone–just myself. I’m not trying to be selfish, but really, taking care of myself and becoming disciplined in whatever good habits I want to develop–that’s quite a task, just in case anyone hasn’t realized.

During the semester, all I need to do is drive and park, read and absorb, listen and take notes, raise my hand and speak, type and print. In between the schoolwork, I get to spend time catching up with my friends. And of course the necessities in life have their set times in my schedule–sleeping, eating, praying, and watching basketball. Then repeat the next day. It’s THE life.

There’s really nothing to say except Alhamdulillah.

Summer went by super fast, and I honestly thought it was going to be too long for me in the beginning. I guess it ended up being just right.


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