An Open Letter To The New York Times

Writing a LetterAfter discovering The New York Times has its articles from 1851-Present archived on its website, I just had to write to the paper via its online “Contact Us” form. Below is the letter I sent on Aug. 31.  

Dear Writers & Staff for The New York Times,

As an aspiring journalist, I just want to say your website is beyond inspirational. I was doing a little research to write up a blog post on my WordPress site, and I was amazed to see you had your articles from the 1800s posted online–what an insight to this country’s history and journalism as a field of study! I found the article I’ve linked to when my dad asked me if your archive had the articles relating to the end of slavery in America posted. The entire tone and style of writing was so different, and yet here it is on my laptop screen, a tab away from the post I published today in 2012.

Occasional doubts creep into my mind regarding my college major choice of Journalism & Media Studies, but seeing that you’ve preserved your articles from over a century ago has reassured and motivated me to move forward with my goals.

Many thanks,
Habeeba Husain


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