Blogging About Blogging

BlogThis semester, I am taking an online class called Exploring New Media. Each week, we need to read roughly one chapter from a book online and a couple news articles conveniently linked for us by the instructor.

After doing the readings, we participate in online discussions by answering questions provided by our instructor (so far anyway…the remaining module discussions have been assigned to the students), and replying to at least two other students’ responses. It’s been pretty interesting so far, not gonna lie. Alhamdulillah.

For this week (my week ends Monday 11:59 P.M. for this course) and the remaining weeks in the semester, I have an additional task to complete for this class. Guess what it is!

Oh yeah, WordPress isn’t AS interactive as Twitter and Facebook. Um, awkward. I’ll just tell you. Ahem.

I get to write a blog post each week for 10 weeks with an overall theme of new media and something. I could do Sports and New Media, for example…so that’s cool! I think one of my first topics will be about how famous athletes’ tweets can be turned into a news story.


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