“And Of Course…Social Media.”

One of the accounts I follow on Twitter is @NBAGuru, a user whose description reads, “Bringing you insightful observations about the NBA game.”

This user as far as I know is anonymous. He does not have the little verified blue check mark next to his name, and he lists NBA.com as his website. He changes his display pictures with whatever is the most recent big news stories in the NBA. For example, currently he has a picture of Miami Heat’s Big Three holding their Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

NBA Guru takes the liberty of live-tweeting games during the regular and post-season and definitely crowded up my feed April through June, which I was not disappointed about. Recently, he has not been tweeting as much, which makes sense considering the NBA is not currently in season.

However, last Thursday morning, NBA Guru tweeted:

And of course…I found NBA Guru’s wording particularly interesting in that tweet.

Sept. 28 was Media Day for four NBA teams–the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat–marking the first day back to work after summer. Their practices began the following day. The remaining teams’ Media Day took place on Oct. 1.

Perhaps, if not likely, NBA Guru is a media professional, which would explain his presence at the broadcasting meeting and the different inside-the-gym-warm-up pictures he puts up.

NBA Guru’s mention of social media as an obvious focus for a national sports league was pretty darn cool. Here I am, a regular basketball fan on Twitter, while the NBA, a world-famous sports league, has a Twitter account too. Many NBA players also have accounts where they practice the art of tweeting. We’re all sharing the same platform, and I find that amazing.

According to Twitter’s Year In Review, last year in June, users were tweeting 5,531 tweets per second during the NBA Finals. In 2010, LeBron James was the highest Twitter trending topic in sports.

This past February, names like Jeremy Lin became famous, due to his explosive and impressive performances on the basketball court and the explosive and many mentions of him on the “Linternet” (Laird).  In just the few days of his heightening popularity, he gained more than 130,000 followers (Laird), and many nicknames including but not limited to, Linsanity, Super Lintendo, Yellow Mamba, and Lin Dynasty. A headline on NBA.com calls him “perhaps the biggest story of the 2011-12 regular season.”

I like to believe stories like that of Lin, which perhaps I will discuss in more detail in a future blog post, are the reasons why NBA Guru mentioned “and of course…social media” in his tweet about what the NBA wants to be focusing on this year. No one can deny that Twitter helps businesses reach out to and interact with their consumers or fans, and no one can deny that Lin was good for the NBA.

NBA First Annual Social Media AwardsLin even won an award at the NBA’s first annual Social Media Awards. Yes, the NBA has an award show concerning social media, and you better believe Lin won “The EPIC Award” for his performance against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on Feb. 12, 2012. He also helped then-teammate Landry Fields take home the “Snap Shot Award” when Fields tweeted a picture of the couch Lin was sleeping on when he first started in New York. Interestingly enough, Fields is now a member of the Toronto Raptors, and Lin is down in Houston, Texas as a member of the Rockets.


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