There’s an App for That!

It’s an inevitable situation for student-fans. You’re fighting the urge to keep your eyes fixated on the clock behind your professor’s head. Every second that ticks away is another second you’re missing of this most special must-win soccer match between your favorite team and its arch-rival. You’re being a good student. Despite the historic matchup, you came to class, and you’re doing your best to pay attention. You’re not dishonoring your professor’s trust by sneaking a live stream onto the screen of your laptop as he teaches. But the question eats away at your insides: 

What’s the score?!!!!??”

Later that evening, the television in your home is occupied, and you’re missing the fourth quarter of your favorite basketball team’s game. Your parents claimed the device to watch their shows, no matter how much you can’t stand the ridiculous sound effects. Keeping up with the play-by-play just isn’t going to cut it this time, and you refuse to resort to the horrible quality, perhaps illegal, live streams sometimes available on the Internet and sometimes not.

First-world problems like these need first-world solutions. To help, I’d like to present to you the following iPhone applications I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with.


ESPN ScoreCenter iPhone App

ESPN’s mobile application called ScoreCenter allows a fan to choose which sports league should be presented. You can specify your favorite teams, and news/scores will be emphasized accordingly. Depending on the sports you follow, you will be able to view standings/tables to see how your individual team compares with its opponents. All this and more is available on ESPN’s free app. I have to say, I’m quite satisfied with it. I can check it during a break in class while a game is going on to calm my nerves. It’ll at least tell me the score and how much time is left in the game, as well as display some quick statistics. While the app loads, it entertains users with a quick “Did You Know?” fact.

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN iPhone App

While I didn’t have the pleasure of being the customer of a provider that allows me access to Watch ESPN, I still had it downloaded on my phone. It worked at my school and my cousin’s house, so on those occasions I found myself needing to watch a game from those locations, it was handy to have the app installed. As I researched for this blog post, I found out Watch ESPN and ESPN3 have officially made a deal with Cablevision. Since Nov. 20, Optimum customers–that’s me–have been able to access Watch ESPN and It’s an awesome alternative to watching a soccer game on a shady website that you can hardly make out. HD baby!

NY Knicks

NY Knicks iPhone App

Yes, the New York Knicks have a mobile application, and yes, I downloaded it the second I heard about it. In all honesty, I don’t use it much, but it has all the Knicks news stored in one spot. Videos, schedules, scores — you name it! If it’s about the Knicks, the app’s got you covered.

NBA Game Time

NBA Game Time iPhone App

It was a sad day on Nov. 6 when my free trial to NBA League Pass expired. Subscribing to League Pass gives a customer access to watch games from all around the NBA on a laptop, mobile phone, and television. The mobile app is called NBA Game Time. Believe me, it was in use during NBA’s premiere week both this year and last year. It was how I could watch Ricky Rubio’s first-ever NBA game (he’s cleared to practice by the way, which means he may be ready in time for the game versus the Knicks on Dec. 23).


Optimum iPhone App

Watch live television anywhere in your home on your iPad, iPhone, or laptop with Optimum’s innovative apps! Except don’t bother, because they buffer more often than play smoothly and have a delay. The Optimum app for the iPhone has saved me on a night or two when I forgot to set the DVR, though. Personally, I don’t find the trouble of my laptop shutting down in the middle of the game worth it. If it’s a really close game, I’ll fight for the television.

So next time, before you complain (or I tweet) about the scenarios you may have been in (I was in them) like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this post, search the App Store and Android Market, because remember, there’s probably an app for all those #FirstWorldProbs.


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