How Sweet It Is!

Today feels weird. And it’s not just because the date is this semi-apocalyptic-sounding (…) 12/12/12.

The weirdness of today relies heavily on the fact that I am now (almost) officially done with more than half of my college career. That’s right. I pretty much completed five semesters out of eight. One 500-word self-critique for my online-class is due tomorrow night, and the second I click submit, I’ll call it a semester.

w  o  w  .

I’m not as sad about wrapping up this semester as I was about previous ones. I’m not entirely sure why that is. Funny, a week ago I felt like I really needed to sort out my thoughts, and today, I don’t know what to write about.

I could tell you how incredibly motivating it was to hear my hilarious, sweet, and experienced journalism professor tell me I write well and give each of the students in my class a tube of M&M’s minis.

I could tell you how empowering it felt when my sports media professor told my class that the goalie for his daughter’s lacrosse team in 2003 at North Brunswick was her best friend, fully covered wearing a hijab.

I could tell you how big a smile I had on when my media ethics professor said on the last day of class, “So besides the Knicks beating the Heat last night, what else is new?” after our semester-long exchanges on how great my New York Knicks have been performing this season.

I could tell you how eye-opening studying alternative forms of my religion was with 6-8 students who weren’t running over each other to shoot the different methods of practice and beliefs down every second they got, plus a professor whose classes I’ve taken since the spring of my freshman year.

I could tell you how convenient taking an online class was, and as a recurring assignment each week, blogging about whatever I wanted–NBA–in relation to new media.

I could. But I’ll leave it at that.

I wish everyone with outstanding finals, papers, and projects the best. Focus and work hard, and I’m sure your upcoming winter break will be way sweeter than mine.


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