Shout Out to the #Knickstape

The Knicks won their 20th game of the season today–WOO HOO! When I first started following this team, they were dead last in the Eastern Conference, winning just 23 games the entire ’05-’06 NBA season. This year, things are really, really different–and I’m loving everything about the Knickstape. Let Iman Shumpert explain exactly what that means:

I love how Carmelo Anthony’s poker face can’t last for more than a few minutes after a clutch play. He’s always winning and grinning. It’s cool that he allows himself to smile.  Who wouldn’t want to smile after scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter?

I love how Ronnie Brewer will quietly score the three-ball from the corner of the court.

I love how Marcus Camby invited his teammates over to watch football and hang out on Thanksgiving night, and makes rookie Cope wear this.

I love how Tyson Chandler slams the ball down the basket off the alley-oops from his guards.

I love how Chris Copeland gains confidence each night (despite having to wear footed pajamas), scoring unexpected 3-pointers, acquiring the love of the fans and New York City with his hard work.

I love how Raymond Felton is back in the City where he belongs, running the floor just like a great point guard should.

I love how 39-year-old veteran Jason Kidd hustles for the ball, even when facing the fast young guns who are just 19 or 20. He adds an admirable and invaluable experience to the squad.

I love how Steve Novak will hardly ever fail to catch and drain the 3-pointer from beyond the arc.

I love how Pablo Prigioni, the 35-year-old NBA rookie from Argentina, brings his flair to the game, always looking to pass first.

I love how Iman Shumpert sports his flattop and suit on the bench as fans wait for the day he returns in his No. 21 jersey to play ball.

I love how JR Smith shuts his haters up by letting his game speak for itself night in and night out, and tweets pictures like this after the game.

I love how Amar’e Stoudemire is about to be a part of the roster any day now because I can’t wait to see how he’ll mesh into this wonderful chemistry the Knickerbockers have got going on.

I love how Kurt Thomas, the oldest player in the League at 40 years of age, wears No. 40 on his jersey. Yes, he’s claimed that number before, but it’s something that stands out to me every time he’s on the court this year.

I love how Rasheed Wallace is so real. He is a former All-Star coming back to the NBA, humbly accepting a role on this team, and entertaining fans with his “Ball Don’t Lie!” outbursts and effective old-school play.

I love how the website James White has in his Twitter description links to “james white dunks” search results on YouTube.

As if it hasn’t been made clear yet: I love my New York Knicks.


6 thoughts on “Shout Out to the #Knickstape

  1. Wow, you pay so much attention to all the plays and never miss even the most trivial thing and that’s soo cool! Lol I guess that’s what a hardcore fan would so anyway, but I wid never be able to pay really close attention as you know lol.

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