Facebook: It’s Not for Me

Back in 10th grade, yes, it’s true I had a Facebook for all the Facebook-y purposes of keeping in touch with friends and sharing pictures and whatever else Facebook is used for.

Somewhere along the line, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was TOO much information, a lot of it useless. The information overload was irritating, and it was pointed out to me that if I just got rid of Facebook, I’d no longer need to see or read what I didn’t want to see or read. Well, duh.

I deactivated. I only reactivated when I needed to enter a Rita’s Ice sweepstakes or attempt a Zinch.com scholarship, neither of which I won. Every few weeks, I hear about more contests and giveaways that require you to do nothing but merely click “Like” on a Facebook Fan Page to guarantee entry for a shot at the valuable prize.

This frustrates me. I’ll desperately cry out (in my head), “Why hold contests only on Facebook, why??” The answer is simple and obvious. Everyone is on Facebook, all the time. If you’re a business or a brand and don’t have Facebook to communicate with your customers or fans, you’re doing something wrong–okay I get it, and I’ve been getting it for a long time. Companies won’t cater to the 0.2 percent of their consumers who aren’t on the social-networking site, and why should they? 99.8 percent are logged in. It makes sense, but sometimes I wish it didn’t.

I decided to write this post today after I read a tweet from the NBA’s official Twitter account (Twitter I can deal with–not as many friends I know, more entertaining/useful and less time-consuming than Facebook).

I saw that tweet in the car and clicked on the shortened link, excited to find out how to enter. It redirected me to a Facebook log-in page. I shook my head in disappointment. I checked the link out again when I got home to my laptop. I then found Kia Optima’s Facebook Fan Page, or some part of it glowing before me. I clicked on “GET DETAILS” and actually read the details, including the contest “Rules and Regulations,” which states at the bottom:

“This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”

Oh, but Kia Optima, it is. I know Kia is referring to Facebook the company in the above quotation, and in that case, the statement holds true–fine. However, one of the requirements for the contestant is to be a member of Facebook so he or she can then “Like” Kia Optima’s Facebook Fan Page and finally submit a 60-second or less audition video following the guidelines provided under the “GET DETAILS” tab in the above link.

I don’t want to reactivate my Facebook, and I won’t. I do want to enter the contest. If I can make a quality video by Jan. 20–the deadline for submission (why’d I find out about this so late?)–then I think I will create another Facebook account without the friends, updates, and need for love/acknowledgement. When the winners of the contests are announced, I’ll say bye to Facebook once again.

And, just to be clear, this is my impression and opinion of Facebook. Obviously, people find it useful, and that’s cool. It’s simply not for me…

…until I want to win a trip to the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend and be a reporter. After all, my love for basketball trumps my hatred for Facebook.

(Plus, I’d like to experiment with the whole making-a-video thing. Writing is fun, and I love it. I’ve been wanting to challenge myself further though and step out of my comfortable little box. This could be a great way to start. Maybe I’ll try to make that a theme for 2013: Challenging Myself.)


4 thoughts on “Facebook: It’s Not for Me

  1. You know that saying that there’s a good and a bad side of everything? It isn’t fair that u want to enter these contests but can’t just because you don’t like Facebook and don’t have one. Why don’t u try setting up a Facebook account and only use it for these contests and that way you can avoid all that useless info that u hate so much lol. And good luck in the contest inshAllah! And send me ur video too! :)

  2. Salaam! Now, that’s an AWESOME Theme Habeeba: Challenging Yourself! I’m so proud of you and love this post. We’ve talked about this in great detail, and I too finally private my FB personal page so I only use my FB Fan Pages for business. I need a personal account to keep those fan pages open. I feel so much better with FB not there! I’m not missing anything because FB is not in my life.

    As for making videos and learning about them, this is perfect timing for you too, subhanAllah. Because the most prominent internet marketers are calling 2013 the Year of Video. Google ranks sites with higher engagement level (more time on the site) and videos maintain audience stickiness very well. Also, since Google owns youtube, having more youtube videos helps in Google PageRank (PR) too!

    Looking forward to your entry…I’m sure you’ll come up with something incredibly unique!
    Fe amani Allah.
    Khalto Ponn

    • Wasalaam. Thank you so much! SubhanAllah, I guess it is perfect timing. I’m going to film today, Insha’Allah!

      I’m glad you privated your account and don’t feel like you’re missing out. When I was on Facebook, I only kept in contact with those people I kept in contact with in real life, so I still knew what was going on.

      Thank you for the comment and advice! :)

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