Calming My Nerves with Chocolate


The title of this post was very close to being a mere tweet. Instead, I thought I’d turn it into a blog entry as I text my friend of eight and a half years about the frightening future on the first day of our sixth semester at Rutgers University.

The frightening future full of insecurities, potentially harsh realities, and inevitable discomforts gives me chills, like the gusts of wind did as I walked down College Ave this afternoon in 20-something degree weather with my arms as close to my body as they could get. Although beginning this sixth semester means I’m closer to finishing my final eighth (which is TERRIFYING), I’m excited for my classes.

I have the pleasure of taking a course with a couple of my friends that I met exactly two years ago. It was the beginning of my first-ever spring semester at college, and those couple of friends were where I am now. Both are graduating in 2013, if God so wills, one from the Graduate School of Education, and one from the School of Arts and Sciences.

After our class today, I sat with one of them in the library for some two hours, while we both worked on teacher stuff. She, grading her 6th grade students’ assignments on the book “Holes,” and I making a quiz about repentance for Sunday School.

We whispered every few minutes about our shared classes, Apple products, games, and students. The topic of The Real World came up, and no, I don’t mean MTV’s television show, which has been running for 27 seasons according to Wikipedia; I mean the “frightening future” I mentioned earlier.

My friend probably doesn’t know this, but I really admire her and find her inspiring for taking steps to fulfill her dreams of educating young people. Even though her plans aren’t 100 percent fool-proof yet, she’s walking on a path with a goal and opportunity at the end of it, Insha’Allah. I guess I am too, but I feel I can’t balance my weight on my legs well enough, like a crawling toddler taking her first wobbly steps.

I know I’m not the only one afraid of The Real World, and John Green explains in the below Vlog Brothers video that The Real World “is neither more or less real than any of the previous worlds you have encountered.”

Knowing I’m not the only one helps me get through the occasional freak-outs. So does talking to my friends as I did today through text at 1 A.M. before the first day officially started, in whispers at the warm library as the cold winds blew outside, and at home while typing this post after Day 1 of Spring 2013 was in the bag. Appreciating where I’m at, attending events, meeting people, taking chances, being productive, smiling, and laughing all helps.

Oh, and eating chocolate helps too.


16 thoughts on “Calming My Nerves with Chocolate

  1. That’s definitely true. There is no road map laid out for you for the “The Real World”. That’s kinda the point; you may not know exactly where you’re going, but you figure it out along the way. And, sure, you’ll stumble and you’ll fall, but you will get back up and get back on the road that is life :)

    Oh and one more thing: that’s a benefit of being a girl, chocolate solves all our problems :)

  2. Haha lol ok. Chocolate solves boys’ problems too lol. Can’t believe we went from giving meaningful messages about life to this lol

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