Memories from Houston

I hope you all are ready…because NBA All-Star Weekend 2013 starts today! The events are in Houston this year–the very same Houston as NBA All-Star Weekend 2006, and man, does that bring back memories.

Seven years ago, the All-Star Game in Houston was the first time I watched NBA basketball.  I wasn’t flipping through channels out of boredom until I landed on TNT, as my eyes widened at the graceful alley-oops, vicious slam dunks, and poor defense. It was more planned.

I was in 8th grade, and keeping up with the Knicks’ record that year. I can’t remember why, considering we were horrible. We ended with the worst record in the East and the second worst record in the entire League with 23 wins and 59 losses. It was dreadful and disappointing, but somehow I stuck by the guys in orange and blue. It’s paying off now though, considering we’re a top team. ;)

I hadn’t exactly watched a Knicks game the first half of the 2005-06 season, but I planned to watch the All-Star Game. I figured it would be really entertaining with the best players on the court at the same time. It was.

That mid-February Sunday night, I became a real fan of basketball–one that appreciated the play and enjoyed watching the games. For the past seven years, my knowledge and love for the game has only increased. I guess you could say it’s our seven-year anniversary–mine and Basketball’s.

That’s kind of corny, I know, but basketball is really a big part of my identity. There are bigger and more important parts of course, but watching the NBA is definitely up there. Writing about it isn’t just a hobby; it’s something I want to pursue professionally, Insha’Allah. I didn’t know that was going to be my answer to “so what do you wanna do with your life?” when I first switched to the All-Star Game seven years ago, even though my response to “Future Career Goals” in my 8th grade yearbook was “Writer.” Funny how things work out, huh?

I didn’t know where I was going with this post before I started typing. I could have listed who is on Team Chuck and Team Shaq for tonight’s BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, but frankly, I don’t think most of my readers consider that an interesting read. I can link you to the roster though.

Me listing which players are on the rosters is like quoting someone giving a statistic in a newspaper article–it’s unnecessary. What should be quoted in a news article is a quote that tells you how people feel or what something means to them–a quote of substance and eloquence. You know, kind of like a blog post.


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