Born to Assist

Chris Paul 2013 NBA All-Star MVP
Chris Paul, 2013 NBA All-Star Game MVP
Credit: @NBA

If you checked your TV guide, the 2013 NBA All-Star Game was scheduled for the 8 – 10:30 p.m. time slot on Sunday night. On a regular evening, tip off is some 10 or 11 minutes after the official start time. On Sunday however, Ernie Johnson announced tip off would be about 45 minutes after he came on air at 8…it was closer to an hour.

Carmelo Anthony scored Team East’s first two points, and there were monster slam dunks from Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Jrue Holiday. The conference and division rivalries melt away at All-Star Weekend, and I love that. LeBron dunked from Melo’s assist, and Chris Paul set up everyone on the West, not only his Lob City teammate Blake Griffin. He was born to assist, and recorded 15 in tonight’s game, along with 20 points and 4 steals. After fans locked in their votes, Paul became the first Clipper to win the All-Star MVP award.

Speaking of Chris Paul — his long-lost twin brother, Cliff Paul from the State Farm commercial, isn’t real. My cousin and I had a humorous back-and-forth on Twitter about this after the point guard tweeted a picture of himself and Cliff. On Saturday night (which was called State Farm Saturday), TNT displayed a split screen with Cliff in the stands and Chris on the bench as captain of Team West, making it seem like they were both in the arena at the same time. As my cousin said though, we have technology people! Effects happen nowadays. Cliff Paul is nothing more than a smart and entertaining advertisement for State Farm.

CP3’s 20 points contributed to the West’s total 143, which outshone the East’s 138. Even though their team lost, I’ll shout out to my Knick guys: Melo for his 26 points and 12 rebounds & Tyson Chandler, first-time All-Star with 7 points and 8 rebounds. You guys looked like you had a blast out there, and that’s what matters.

Now the All-Star fun and games are over, and the NBA heads back to the regular season this week. Players, put on the game faces again. Teams, finish the season strong. And fans, look forward to every minute of it.


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