Knicks vs. Warriors at the Garden

Game Night at the Garden

I walked into the library during my break Tuesday, completely convinced I’d do some work because I had A LOT of it. I plugged in my charger for my laptop, stripped myself of my heavy coat, and sat down at an empty table. It was go time.

Well, it was almost go time. I had to check Twitter first of course. I tapped my app just in time to see this:

Now, it was really go time.

I slid my finger downward on my phone to constantly update my feed to see what Melo would ask, in an attempt to win two tickets to the New York Knicks versus Golden State Warriors game on Wednesday night. The five winners were chosen, and I was too slow.

I thought optimistically though.

Maybe Melo will give away more!

After reading another two or so lines of my homework, I went back to my feed.

I was already signed up with the website and went to class convinced I’d receive an email with details on the last 10 giveaway tickets soon. The email said submit a Carmelo Anthony fan photo, 5 winners, 2 tickets each. Homework was to be put off a little while longer, because when I got home–I was taking that picture.

I took it and thought, what the heck, that’s good enough. The chances of me winning are really low anyway. I just want to enter. Winners were supposed to be announced by 9 p.m., and I had no new emails.

Then 9:37 p.m. rolled in. I was informed:

Congrats! Your photo is a winner!

Okay. Cue the jaw-drop, intense heart beats, wide eyes, and (Z)OMMMMggGgggGG.

I guess I had plans for Wednesday night now that didn’t include finishing my homework!? I texted my brother with the news, and he with his one good knee and I made plans to drive to the Garden and cheer on our New York Knicks. The traffic was unexpectedly pleasant and the game itself better than I could have hoped for. Despite a career-high 54 points from Stephen Curry of the Warriors, the Knicks squad won at home 109-105.

After last night, I can check a lot of things off my unofficial bucket list, Alhamdulillah.

  1. Win tickets to a Knicks game. [Check]
  2. Have my picture posted on Carmelo Anthony’s website. [Check]
  3. Drive in New York City. [Check]
  4. Cheer for a Knicks team back on a winning streak. [Check]
  5. Catch up on sleep. [God-willing, soon]

16 thoughts on “Game Night at the Garden

    • It was really fun! The game was close and it looked like a full house. Towards the end, people were getting extra into it and standing up cheering when the Knicks scored. After the game, everyone’s usually in a good mood if they win so that was nice too haha. Alhamdulillah, wonderful experience.

      • Yeah. The first picture on this post I took during the game. I have a couple of me and my brother, but they came out dark lol. I wanted to take some pictures of the arena itself, but the crowd was massive on our way out. Alhamdulillah, it’s in my memory though!

  1. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! MashAllah!!! Congrats!! Lol I think I had the same reaction u did when I read that part which said that u won! That must have been an amazing experience! I’m so happy for u! It’s really great that u could do this during ur exams! Good luck with ur midterms inshAllah! :)

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