Blog Post No. 101

Blogging on a LaptopAfter publishing “The Historic Heat Streak” late Friday night/early Saturday morning, WordPress informed me it was my 100th post. It isn’t a grand accomplishment or anything, but the number 100 has a celebratory ring to it, don’t you think?

I sat at a computer, thought of what to write, came up with titles and tags, previewed a post, edited my work, and hit “publish” on 100 different occasions, apparently!

Call me a dork, but this makes me really happy. Writing these posts is never a drag or a boring task. I go back to older entries to read and tweak them all the time, making sure they work well with my often changing layout. Maintaining this site is one of my hobbies now, and I love every minute of it.

So here’s to 100 more, God-willing! Thanks for joining me on the ride.


4 thoughts on “Blog Post No. 101

  1. Congratulations!! MashAllah, after starting this blog mid-May 2011 and it’s almost April 2013, it’s really amazing how you kept working on it and now, you reached your milestone of 100 posts! I really enjoyed reading all your posts and commenting on a few. You have a great variety of content in your posts: from basketball to your personal life and everything in between. And I especially love how your layout changed in the last almost-two years! You should definitely be proud of this blog and all the time you spent on it! I remember how you said that you weren’t sure how many people were actually reading this blog in the beginning, but I think it’s amazing how you kept at it just because you love writing! And also, MashAllah, I really admire your writing! So, now, I can’t wait to read (and comment on) your next 100 posts inshAllah! :)

    • Thank you so much Mariya! That’s really sweet of you. I appreciate every single one of your comments. :) You should start a blog too! I want to read what you have to say.

      Btw, Playoffs start April 20th Insha’Allah! :D

      • Aww you’re welcome! And I know you do! :) Lol no, I don’t think I would ever start a blog. I wouldn’t know what to write about and I don’t think I write that well anyway.

        And yay!! We have to watch a game together! Maybe the Knicks’ first playoff game!

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