It Took 19 Years

Knicks vs. Wizards Tip Off
Knicks & Wizards tip off the game that would clinch the Atlantic Division for New York at MSG
Photo Credit: My Brother

Imagine waiting 19 years to see a best friend that moved overseas. Or 19 years to celebrate a holiday with your family. Or 19 years to graduate with a master’s after nearly two decades of schooling. Yeah, 19 years is a long time.

New York Knicks fans waited 19 long years for their team to win the Atlantic Division. On Tuesday night with a win against the Washington Wizards, the Knicks finally clinched the best record in their division. I haven’t been a fan for all 19 years–believe it or not, I wasn’t born a basketball fan. I was a kid who liked I don’t even know what, but then grew to love the sport in middle school.

For those who waited those 19 years, my hat goes off to you. You’re the definition of loyal. The Knicks played some terrible basketball during the dry spell. When they didn’t play terrible, they fell short of anything significant.

But this season marks a turning point, as my brother said on our way home from the game Tuesday night. The Knicks now pose a threat to the Miami Heat in the upcoming playoffs–or at the very least, an annoying obstacle (that’s from the critic’s perspective–I’m sticking to calling my team a legitimate threat).

I was fortunate enough to snag another pair of tickets (and some free fan gear) for the game on Tuesday through a contest on Twitter:

Though their 13-game winning streak ended tonight with an overtime loss in Chicago, this Knicks have heart, passion, talent, and teamwork. Nobody has time to mourn the demise of the streak because the Knicks visit the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night, and the 2013 Playoffs are quickly creeping up on the League.

The Knicks have accomplished their first goal–bringing the Atlantic Division title back to Madison Square Garden–but like Stephen A. Smith said, they need to take the next step, and make some LOUD noise in the postseason.

Madison Square Garden


7 thoughts on “It Took 19 Years

  1. Congrats on winning a second pair of tickets!! How was the game? And ooh, don’t playoffs start next weekend? When is the Knicks’ first game?

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