Season on the Line

Knicks vs. Pacers
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It’s time to win or go home for the New York Knicks. Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semis tips off at 8 p.m. tonight at Madison Square Garden versus the Indiana Pacers. After snagging both games at home, Indiana looks to finish off the series tonight in front of the opposing team’s crowd. The Atlantic Division Champions’ season is on the line.

The Knicks that ended the regular season disappeared in this series, save for Game 2. J.R. Smith, the Sixth Man of the Year (voted best player who doesn’t start games), has not lived up to the title he won less than a month ago. Indiana’s Roy Hibbert dominated Tyson Chandler, despite the latter’s appointment to N.B.A.’s All-Defensive First Team. (Chandler was also Defensive Player of the Year for the 2011-2012 season). Jason Kidd scored zero points since April 23. Carmelo Anthony’s frustration is apparent and his shooting efficiency decreased compared to the regular season.

Game 5 tips off now and the Knicks are up 11-4, so that’s the end of this post. Too many things went wrong for the Knicks so far in this Round 2, but a playoffs series isn’t over until a team wins four games. The Pacers haven’t done that yet, and the Knicks may ruin Indiana’s plans to celebrate tonight.


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