2012-2013 Knicks Huddle

The Knicks: Let’s Reminisce

One week is enough time to mourn the death of the Knicks’ 2012-2013 season, right? Yes folks, as of last Saturday, the Knicks lost Game 6 in Indiana versus the Pacers in the second round of the N.B.A. Playoffs, ending their season for good.

For the record that no one keeps track of or cares about, I didn’t spend the past week in mourning. I had a good time actually, with each day further deepening the realization that it is now not only the Knicks’ summer vacation, but mine too. Look for my post-junior year thoughts in a future entry.

So the Knicks. The Playoffs were a disappointment to say the least. J.R. Smith went cold to the point at which him draining a shot was miraculous. Jason Kidd disappeared, and Roy Hibbert dominated Tyson Chandler by the basket. We came up short, but hey–the regular season was the best I’ve ever experienced as a fan. Knicks fans don’t need to hang their heads after this season because for the first time in years, this team was actually FUN to watch night in and night out. Clear the schedule because there is a GAME on tonight, people! It didn’t matter who we were playing; the 48 minutes of clock promised quality entertainment.

Winning Tickets

I was fortunate enough to see two games in person, at Madison Square Garden. The first was one of the best games of the NBA season, with the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and his career-high performance in a loss. The second was the first time in 19 years the Knicks clinched the Atlantic Division. They were historic nights, and my brother and I got to be in the Garden crowd. (Side note: SLAM wrote how winning the Atlantic was the Knicks’ first goal for this season in their feature on Carmelo Anthony. I wrote a letter to them in regards to the article, believing the Knicks actually had a shot, which they published. Pretty cool how things came full circle.)

Knicks vs. Warriors at the Garden

Buzzer Beaters

Is there any aspect of N.B.A. basketball that’s more thrilling than a buzzer beater to win the game? I certainly can’t think of one. Check out these two amazing shots from J.R. Smith in December. The weather outside may have been cold then, but he definitely wasn’t:

Though this next one isn’t a game-winner (Knicks won the game anyway), I still went pretty crazy witnessing the 40-year-old Jason Kidd sinking a beyond-half-court shot at home:

Dynamic Duo: Scoring Champ & Sixth Man

With a regular season average of 28.7 points per game this year, Carmelo Anthony won the 2012-2013 N.B.A. scoring title. J.R. Smith won Sixth Man of the Year, an award that recognizes the best player in the N.B.A. to come off the bench. The team wasn’t aiming for or focused on individual feats and resume-builders, but the awards found themselves attracted to orange and blue regardless.

J.R. Smith Wins Sixth Man Award
J.R. Smith Wins Sixth Man of the Year Award
Photo Credit: Knicksnow.com

Until Next Season

As I finish off this overdue post, a smile a little bigger than Smith’s above appears on my face. The Knicks are in no way ideal–that’s why they’ve already gone fishin’–but they made applaudable headway on this journey so far. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


2 thoughts on “The Knicks: Let’s Reminisce

  1. My dear H2,

    You have a great future ahead of you. I would not be surprised to read your name in the byline of an article in SLAM when I pick up a copy just to make sure I still know a little something about something in the basketball world as the years go by. For your sake, I hope you’ll be writing about how the Knicks have taken home the ultimate prize for the season (although something in me highly doubts it), but that’s just what is so amazing about you…I know you’ll still be writing about the Knicks with all the hope and enthusiasm there could be, without fail and without worry. You’re a fan of the sport, and of delivering the sport to the world in words that marry eloquence with sarcasm and end up in something quite beautiful. We need more Muslim women like you who haven’t forgotten their true passions to pave a way into a market that no one expects to see us in. Someone who also knows how to tie in the passion with reality. You have a knack for it. Impossible is nothing (even for the Knicks…perhaps).

    May (;

    • Dearest May,

      You have such a way with words, Masha’Allah! Like I seriously miss your writing and your speaking and your lovely face. I hope I can write about my team’s spectacular performance in the Playoffs and NBA Finals to finally bring the ring to the NY tri-state area too one day Insha’Allah. :) I guess only time will tell.

      Thank you for reminding me I want to be that Muslim woman to burst open the doors of the sports media world in a hijab. Sometimes I wonder if this path is worth anything at all, but then I read a comment like yours. It’s not just about doing something you love. It’s about representing Muslims for who they really are — passionate, talented, and ambitious human beings. Whatever field any one of us goes into, we can make strides, overwhelmingly beautiful and stereotype-stomping strides.

      Impossible really is nothing. I like that line way better than the new “quick ain’t fair.” Let’s take that up with one of our friends who goes into marketing for Adidas in the future. :)

      I hope our paths cross again really, really soon.

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